Expectation Identification

Expectations are the result we hope to achieve from something. They develop through: Sales Education Past experiences Personal needs   The best way to identify expectations is simply to ask a lot of questions and actively listen. Actively listening means taking in what they say, and rewording it to clarify you have heard correctly. A … Continued

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management involves establishing and maintaining support from stakeholders throughout a project or change within an organisation. Why is this important? Stakeholder management helps to keep clients feel informed and happy, can ensure project requirements are aligned, and minimise scope creep. Stakeholder management essentially involves maintaining relationships through communicating with stakeholders, and navigating issues if … Continued

Identification of Project Stakeholders

Stakeholder identification involves identifying who the stakeholders are, the level of influence they have, and developing a communication plan. Stakeholders are those who may be affected by or have an effect on a project. This includes those that will use the solution, those responsible for the solution (e.g. management, IT department leader), or company decision … Continued

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture (EA) applies architecture principles and practices to guide organisations through the business, information, process and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. EA is often used to assist organisations with understanding their own structure and how they work. It provides a roadmap of current processes and the plan for change, leading to the … Continued

Illuminance a WA Leaders Executive Member

Illuminance Solutions has been selected by WA Leaders to become an Executive Member. WA Leaders assists leading private companies achieve sustainable growth, manage succession planning and evaluate entry and exit strategies for their business. Their Executive Series involves 12 months where we will receive the knowledge, mentoring and resources required to become the next generation … Continued

Thank You and Goodbye, Grace

Today we said goodbye to our Resource and Project Manager, Grace, as she leaves to undertake further study at The University of Western Australia. She has been a valuable part of our team, both overseeing solution development internally, and in her work externally with our clients. From the entire team at Illuminance, we thank her … Continued

Vincent Lam Presents at ACS EA May SIG

Illuminance is proud to announce that Vincent Lam, our Principal Consultant, is presenting for the ACS Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group on Wednesday, May 4. Vincent will use case studies from his work with Illuminance to demonstrate practically the role of human factors of enterprise architecture in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) environment. Vincent’s … Continued

Illuminance a Patient Experience Week Sponsor

Illuminance is proud to partner with the Health Consumer Council for Patient Experience Week. This is an annual event to celebrate accomplishments, honours those who impact patients daily, and reenergises efforts to make the patient experience the best it can be. We believe Patient Experience Week is important for the healthcare industry, which is why … Continued

Going Mobile: Mobile Technology for Business

Today’s digital economy has entered the mobile revolution. Workplaces require employees to use a range of devices, averaging 3 devices in daily routine. This demand for mobile technology I expected to increase, with mobile phone sales reaching 2.1 billion units by 2019 (Gartner Inc., 2015).With the increase in demand for mobile technology, organisations are developing … Continued

Illuminance an Approved Lotterywest Consultant

Illuminance Solutions is proud to have been awarded entry into the Lotterywest Register of Consultants. The Register is designed to help their grants customers find consultancy support best suited to their project, and identifies consultants who have provided services to community organisations or local government authorities in a range of areas.   Lotterywest suggest businesses … Continued

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