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Community Care

Many not-for-profit (social enterprise) organisations are experiencing sector changes that will have a significant impact on their business models and how they achieve positive outcomes for their clients/members.

About our Solutions for Community Carers

If your organisation will be affected by the advent of consumer directed services and funding variations, it’s likely you are making changes to your business model to meet external pressures and increased consumer demands. Whether or not you are modifying your business model, your infrastructure and resources will need to help your team provide positive outcomes for your clients/members, be responsive to consumer feedback and be able to use information for optimising business decision making at all levels, reporting obligations and ensuring service quality.

Illuminance Solutions supports NFP/NGO organisations based on your needs so that you can be more innovative and self-reliant. So you can use your resources more effectively and efficiently. So you can integrate systems and processes. So you can better engage with your clients/members.

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