Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation

Tailored Sharepoint Implementation

Illuminance Solutions
Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation

Notable Outcomes

  • Increased accessibility of project files
  • Increased visibility of information and reduced ‘clutter’
  • Reduced cost of use
“SBDC engaged Illuminance to plan and implement an upgraded CRM. During implementation, an unexpected potential security fault occurred resulting in a single CRM feature becoming unavailable.”


Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation (WFR) are the leading providers of injury prevention, health and wellness services. WFR conduct a range of programs to assist Health and Safety departments reduce injury risk, support HR departments through facilitating health and wellness of employees, and improve the overall health status of employees. WFR aim to make a difference in the workplace and the lives of people as a whole, as they become an international provider of health, wellness and injury prevention programs.

The Journey

WFR were using on-premise SharePoint as their document management system. Although this system was developed to meet the needs of their business, it was not able to facilitate expansion of the company. WFR experienced difficulties with accessing project documentation when staff conducting projects interstate and internationally. Furthermore, their system contained unnecessary information that was ‘cluttering’ their system. Other incentives to change their system were a desire to update their SharePoint and to reduce costs.

WFR chose to partner with Illuminance Solutions because they did not have the IT knowledge required to develop a new system. Furthermore, they required their previous project data to be transferred to the online system, which required additional software and time.

The project began with an investigation of the WFR business processes and analysis of their current system. The Illuminance team built a program to transfer data from the WFR on-premise system to their new SharePoint Online. This mass migration ensured no documentation was lost and ensured there was a smooth transition that did not impact business functioning.

An analysis of their libraries and files was used to identify areas that may contain unnecessary information or were not in use. After identifying these areas, the Illuminance team worked with WFR to determine which areas were no longer needed. This decreased the ‘clutter’ in the WFR system to make it easier to locate documentation.

The end result was a SharePoint Online system that improved access to documentation. Staff were able to access their project files from any location with internet access. The system was updated, reduced the cost of use, and was better organised. This system not only meets current business requirements, but will meet future business requirements as it allows the company to grow as their client base expands interstate and internationally.

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