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New CRM Implementation

Illuminance Solutions
Youth Focus

Notable Outcomes

  • Centralised contact database for improved information sharing and communication tracking
  • Donation and fund data analysis and management
  • CRM Outlook integration
  • Access to business activity data


Youth Focus is an independent not-for-profit organisation which aims to stop youth suicide. They provide a range of early intervention and prevention services free of charge, aimed at supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm.

The core services offered are one-on-one counselling with youths and family counselling. Aside from these, Youth Focus also offers workplace training, youth mental health training, peer support programs and mentoring programs.

The Journey

Youth Focus rely on donations, fundraising events and funding agreements with sponsors to maintain high-standard free services for youths and their families. Therefore, relationships with stakeholders is vital to their success. Prior to engagement with Illuminance Solutions, communicating with these stakeholders was complicated by the storage of contact lists on individual team members Outlook accounts or excel files, which resulted in a high level of duplication and little transparency between team members. Therefore, collaboration efforts between departments was difficult, and team members were not aware of the relationship status of each stakeholder.

When the project began, the focus was building a centralised contact database to enable shared contact information, storage of key meeting notes and communication tracking. Throughout the project, further enhancements were added, such as donation record management, funding record tracking, recruitment module and CRM Outlook integration. The team also enjoy the advanced capability to produce reports and gain useful insight into business activities.

The implementation of the new CRM system was exceptionally smooth, and all business requirements were addressed. With a soft go live roll out plan, all user were well informed about implementation process. Although their system has already increased efficiency, the door has been left open to possible extension of the CRM system to integrate with their accounting system or their website donation system.

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