Anglican Church – Diocese of Perth

CRM upgrade and systems support for improved business efficiency

Illuminance Solutions

The Anglican Diocese of Perth understood that their ageing business application environment required attention. Systems had been in place for some time, but required updating in order to support future operations.

Procedures and systems were examined, and goals were established. Working with Illuminance Solutions, the Diocese aligned these goals with with wider business activities and systems including resource plans, application architecture plans, technology plans, eBusiness, digitalisation, and web plans, and information management system plans.

We worked with the Diocese to:

  • Update their CRM. This transition to updated software enabled the system to be integrated with the website. Functionality was aligned to changing business processes, and extended software warranties were achieved.
  • Integrate other aspects of business processes. This including ensuring the updated website integrated with the events portal, payment gateway and CRM, to reduce workload duplication and ensure efficient business processes.
  • Provide ongoing support. We provide regular, ongoing face-to-face meetings in order to identify issues with functionalities, provide technical advice, and make necessary changes to business processes or environments when required.

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