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Notable Outcomes

  • Ongoing support
  • On-premise meetings
  • Ongoing changes to software


The Anglican Diocese of Perth is a diocese within The Anglican Church of Australia. It holds strongly to the bonds of affection with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Consultative Council, and the Instruments of Unity in our Communion. Its vision is to glorify God; provide a focus of hope; provide vision and meaning to people’s lives; work with government and the wider community; provide a voice in the face of injustice; and rediscover the Gospel as public truth.

The Journey

Anglican Diocese Support followed the Anglican Diocese CRM project. In their first project, their CRM was updated and integrated with their events portal, payment gateway, and website. Their main challenge had been an aging business application environment, whereby they were previously using a CRM that was set up 5 years prior. The second project was designed to limit the issues they had previously faced, by having ongoing support to reduce the aging of their system.

The support agreement includes fortnightly on-premise meetings where our team at Illuminance Solutions speaks with system users to identify what functions are working or not working. The issues that lead to change requests are documented and these changes are made. This means any changes to their business processes or environment flow onto their computer software. This maximises their efficiency at all stages of business growth and functioning.

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