Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA

CRM Upgrade and MYOB Integration

Illuminance Solutions

Illuminance Solutions designed, customised, and developed a fully automated Event Registration system using CME’s existing CRM system, and integrated the CRM and MYOB accounting systems resulting in reduced Event Registration account keeping needs and increased reliability. We also delivered training material to system users, to ensure it maximum benefit was obtained from the increased functionalities.

The design and implementation of this solution involved the following activities:

  • Analysis and development of applications and software;
  • Design and development a business solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MYOB;
  • Implementation of programs, including business requirement workshops, end-user training, post go-live support, and development of a system manual and guidelines;
  • Tools and content management; and
  • Application testing.

The system has resulted in reduced account keeping and administrative processing, increased functionality and improved system design, and improved customer satisfaction.

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