Enrich Living Services

(Formerly known as St Ives Home Care)

Responding to fundamental changes in the consumer-directed care industry

Illuminance Solutions

Aged-care reform and changes to disability funding models are fundamentally changing business models in the care industry.

The industry is competitive, and client expectations are high. Care providers who embrace opportunity for improvement and who deliver more personalised services in an efficient and effective way are most likely to remain sustainable in the longer term.

Enrich Living Services (former St Ives Home Care) recognised the need for internal transformation and the opportunities to improve their services and business model.

Illuminance Solutions worked with Enrich Living Services (former St Ives Home Care) to devise a strategy to build and pilot a sales and client information management system.

A wider implementation of the system could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of client-facing functions, giving rise to significant qualitative and quantitative benefits.

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