Geraldton Fisherman’s Co-operative

Proactive introduction of CRM to address external market changes

Illuminance Solutions
GFC Case Study

The Geraldton Fisherman’s Co-operative (“GFC”) understood the importance of adapting to external factors – including widened export opportunities and changes to regulations – and undertook a project to examine its business strategy.

Central to the new strategy was the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management system, to monitor market shares and manage communication with members. Illuminance Solutions was engaged to assist with this work.

We conducted an analysis of the business processes and software used by GFC. This provided an opportunity to identify ways to align business processes with the new software once it was implemented, which influenced the change of business processes to make them more efficient.

We then provided assistance in relation to the reports and data aspects of GFC’s operations. We worked with GFC to identify processing issues that had arisen as a result of business expansion – to identify inconsistencies, mismatches, and inefficiencies. Collaboration was undertaken closely with staff members and other relevant users.

As a result of this work, GFC has a CRM that is aligned with business strategy and which best meets business needs including contract management, quota monitoring, marketing communication, member services, share management and payment management. The centralised data system ensures data can be collected and stored, and effective data can be retrieved and analysed when making business decisions.

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