Mark Anthony Design

Development and implementation of a Centralised Management System

Illuminance Solutions

Over time, business growth and evolution had led to a mismatch between legacy business systems and the needs of the Mark Anthony Design business. Illuminance Solutions worked closely with Mark Anthony Design to understand their current business processes, and the vision for the future.

After recommending system upgrades we commenced a staged project approach and quickly to customising the system. Through weekly updates, staff training, regular reviews and on-site support, Illuminance Solutions was able to deploy a system which is simple, user-friendly and highly-effective.

Management now have a simple dashboard of key reports to refer to which indicates the profitability of their different services, the productivity of their staff and the workload of the coming months. They can access client project status at the click of a button. They have a system that better enables communication and coordination, and there is automated invoicing, streamlined quoting and job management with data that is easy to find.

The system provides peace of mind, and staff have been empowered to work more independently. Management have reduced stress and have more time to focus on the actual architectural design, with less time devoted to administrative tasks.

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