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Custom-design and implementation of a Risk Management System

Illuminance Solutions

RUAH Community Services is an organisation based in Perth, who work in partnership with citizens requiring support to improve their quality their life, enhance their spirit, and participate more fully in the community. Their service delivery approach is characterised as:

  • Relationship based
  • Person centred and family inclusive
  • Culturally sensitive and acknowledges diversity
  • Holistic support with case management functions
  • Community linking, advocacy and creating pathways to opportunities
  • Collaboration and partnership approaches, and;
  • Evidence based leading-edge practice.

RUAH Community Services (RUAH) requested Illuminance implement a Risk Management System (RMS) to streamline their manual processes to manage the Risk, Hazard & Incident and Continuous Improvement Registers which were previously managed by Excel spreadsheets.


Illuminance designed a customised reporting system called “Report it!” residing on SharePoint Online platform. It allows users to submit, update and track raised incidents as well

as export incidents for further reporting. In addition, certain users are noticed via email when an incident is submitted and either they are accountable or responsible for the incident raised.

Additional features of the “Report it!” solution include:

  • An out-of-the-box SharePoint theme used for system and landing pages to enable consistent navigation, access all components of the system and customisation ability for organisational

branding and related images if desired;

  • SharePoint site collection established with lists and libraries to provide navigation, security and management of registers;
  • E-forms developed to replace the existing Excel spreadsheets, to simplify register collection in the form submission process of the three previous registers, which will improve data quality and reduce errors;
  • Automated workflows developed and embedded in required processes to automate activities happening during the process and track activity status;

The system was built using a flexible and scalable architecture, suitable for growth and expansion in the future if needed;

  • Metadata and reference data stored and controlled within reference lists that can be easily accessed and updated by system administrators;
  • Custom views and filters configured for register population to enhance the navigation, sorting, filtering and grouping of registers within lists and libraries;
  • A reporting dashboard available for management to have an at-a-glance and high- level overview of all the registers in the system;
  • SharePoint Office Integration to enable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to integrate with the system;
  • Integration with the existing Microsoft Exchange environment configured to allow email alerts and notifications to work with Microsoft Outlook clients;

In addition, the system incorporates a flexible and responsive design capable of being
scaled and extended to cater for additional requirements as and when needed in future. The system is also mobile friendly, which helps to enhance utilisation and user adoption.


As a result of this work on the new “Report it!” solution, Illuminance was able to provide RUAH with the following capabilities:

  • The “Report it!” solution has provided single go to solution to report incidents including critical reportable cases, hazards, complains and continuous improvement suggestions. Smooth user experience has enabled high user adoption and tripled the rate of the user submission
  • Workflows and clear responsibilities visible in the system improved the communication across the functional groups in the organisation
  • Management and exec team has access to relevant up to date records and reports
  • The system facilitates immediate response and follow up for critical incidents
  • Overall harmonisation of reporting and management processes in risk management domain

In September 2017 the system and the information management process has received “Exceptional Practice” rating in the NDIS provider audit by Disability Services Commission.

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