WA Blue Sky

A proactive approach to fundamental changes in the disability sector

Illuminance Solutions

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has led to a fundamental change in the way organisations in the industry are funded.

WA Blue Sky Incorporated (“WA Blue Sky”) recognised the importance of reviewing their internal processes and procedures in light of this change. The organisation understood the increasing importance of ensuring a customer-centric approach in their dealings with clients.

Illuminance Solutions worked with WA Blue Sky to review current procedures in the light of new challenges within the industry. We recommended a number of solutions to make best use of current processes to provide a higher-quality customer service to clients.

We developed solutions to improve:

  • stakeholder information capture and management;
  • scheduling and timesheet efficiency;
  • autonomy in reporting;
  • processes for case tracking; and
  • the utilisation of existing system functionalities.

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