Western Australian Fishing Industry Council

Development of a Centralised Management System for operational efficiency

Illuminance Solutions

Although The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (“WAFIC”) had recently introduced an up-to-date CRM system with marketing capabilities, they also understood the importance of introducing processes to centralise their document access and develop case management capabilities.

Illuminance Solutions were engaged to assist with this work.

The project used a prototype approach to identify business needs and business processes, and developing a prototype test environment to ‘try before you buy’ using real business data. This approach provides an opportunity to test the system to ensure it meets business needs, and provides an opportunity for changes before the solution is implemented.

After introducing a centralised document system significant benefits were realised including:

  • Improved case management capabilities arising from improved accessibility of documents, improved document integration and improved collaboration;
  • Improved staff efficiency and better understanding of system capabilities by staff members;
  • Streamlined internal processes;
  • Improved user experience; and
  • Improved “future-proofing” of hardware systems to support business changes or expansion.

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