The Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association (WAPPA)

Increasing productivity and an improved experience for members

Illuminance Solutions

Rapid growth and increasing member demand led WAPPA to look for ways to engage differently with its members.

Workshop sessions with Illuminance Solutions revealed a number of inefficiencies, and opportunities to increase member engagement with an integrated CRM system were identified – particularly in the areas of event management functionality and member web portal linkages.

Benefits to the organisation included:

  • enhanced member engagement and experience to increase the value of WAPPA services and activities to members;
  • optimised contact and member information with integration across multiple functional areas;
  • elimination of duplicated effort across multiple functional areas, freeing up resources to focus on more value-adding activities;
  • streamlined processes and procedures in areas of concern to members; and
  • integration of processes and systems for more effective reporting, trend analysis and service utilisation, allowing evidence-based decision making to occur more effectively.

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