Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

CRM readiness assessment, recommendations and CRM Implementation

Illuminance Solutions

Yirra Yaakin, Australia’s largest Aboriginal-led theatre company, engaged Illuminance Solutions to present a high-level project plan for the implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. The aim of the implementation was to introduce a stable, simple, and easy-to-use CRM system to enable effective and efficient stakeholder management functions.

Through a series of workshops, Illuminance Solutions and Yirra Yaakin worked together to identify Yirra Yaakin’s business needs and goals. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was recommended as a data storage tool.

We implemented a centralised, on-line database to store all contact, account, and other relevant information which enables users to undertake reporting and marketing activities efficiently.

The system is simple, effective, and elegant – allowing all users at Yirra Yaakin to benefit from its capabilities.

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