illuminance Training is going to Broome!

Digital literacy is essential for all Australians, and illuminance Solutions answered to National Reconciliation Week in 2018 with the launch of illuminance Training’s program to teach essential technology skills and an introduction to Microsoft Office 365 software. In February 2020 the first of four training sessions open to all ages in Broome’s Indigenous community will run on-site in collaboration with The University of Notre Dame Australia Broome Campus.

How to Celebrate Australia Day Respectfully

Close to one third of Australia’s population was born overseas, and it is important that we educate ourselves and get to know about Australia’s history and culture. It is with knowledge that we can understand, include and prevent future wrongdoings. 26th January marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships. We encourage you to celebrate 26th January recognising the special place of the Australian First People.

Delivering confidence and sustainability for Indigenous communities

Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation (MWAC) came to illuminance Solutions in 2018 in need of a multi-pronged solution. With so many programs to administer and a manual record keeping system MWAC was bogged down and feeling distracted from its true mission. Aboriginal Trust Management System (ATMS) was implemented and MWAC is now looking ahead with confidence.

Looking back on 2019

We are looking back on 2019, a year that have been a very bountiful year for illuminance Solutions. We have been recognised for the work that we do with several awards (global, national and local) and we are very grateful for all that we have received, and for the opportunities that have followed each and every award. We have created new collaborations, formed new partnerships and reached new heights which we would not have believed had it been told to us this time last year.

Turn it up – Interview with Bumma Bippera Media 98.7FM

Bumma Bippera Media 98.7FM spoke with Nilesh on the West Tech Assemblage 2019 that put focus on the digital literacy divide in our Indigenous Australian community and how illuminance Solutions have been working with universities in Western Australia to support the Indigenous Australian people with the right knowledge and even out the levels of digital literacy in our society.

West Tech Assemblage 2019

illuminance Solutions has since early 2018 been holding free training sessions for Indigenous Australian students in collaboration with UniHall (University of Western Australia). When West Tech Assemblage decided to focus their fifth event on the digital literacy divide in the Indigenous community and their inclusion in the tech sector of WA, we simply had to join hands and sponsored the event as a Gold Sponsor.

Collaboration with University of Notre Dame Australia

illuminance Solutions have been running training programs for Indigenous Australians in collaboration with UniHall (UWA) since 2018. The University of Notre Dame Australia have teamed up with us to tackle digital literacy in Broome’s Indigenous community and the training programs will teach people the basics of Microsoft Office programs and will roll out at Notre Dame’s Broome Campus in 2020.

Business Migrant of the Year

Anyone that has made the big decision to move abroad will say that while it is very exciting and a life-changing experience, it also has its challenges. Not only are you maybe leaving family behind, but most definitely you are leaving your friends, connections and relationships, and most likely your language and culture as well. To start a new life on a personal note is one thing, and to start a new life professionally can be another.

Our women in technology

In our skilled and professional team here at illuminance Solutions, we have younger and older staff members. We have multicultural backgrounds and we have a variety in professional and educational backgrounds. And we have ambitious and super talented women. Two of our staff members are currently engaged with Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) where they will be sharing their expertise and professional journeys.

Not one, but two!

2019 seems to be a year that just keeps on giving, and the team at illuminance is again being recognised for their immense efforts and quality work. Earlier this year we received one global award by Microsoft and one WA award for our diverse workforce. Barely back on the ground with both our feet, we have been nominated to more awards.

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