Illuminance Solutions wins global tech award

The global Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards aim to recognise those Microsoft partners who have demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. On 7 June it was announced that Illuminance Solutions won the first ever Partner for Social Impact Award.

Innovation Space to drive professional development

To kick off the new Innovation Space at University Hall (UWA), two influential members of the Perth business community was invited to share their professional journeys. Gordon Flake and Nilesh Makwana captivated the audience with their insight and their advise to the young and ambitious students.

What ‘Game of Thrones’ can teach us about corporate leadership

The corporate world is not so different from the world of Westeros. Whether you’re pro Lannister or Dothraki, backing the Iron Fleet or fighting for the North, or even Team White Walkers, one thing each group has in common is the fact they are all united under one leader. What is the leadership lessons we can learn from GoT?

Running for many reasons

Our reasons for participating at the HBF Run for a Reason this year could maybe not even be counted on one hand. There are many reasons why we wanted to participate. Our own personal health was of course one of them, and Team Illuminance was signed up for the Blackmore’s 12 km run on this crisp Sunday morning in Perth WA.

What makes for a great work environment?

“Someone once said that you can’t give to others what you yourself don’t possess. I feel that if you are in a fortunate position where you have achieved something for yourself, you have a responsibility to pass that on top others and help others achieve the same.”

Radio interview with CEO Nilesh Makwana, by VisAbility Radio on Demand by Kenneth Phua.

Why You Should Treat Workplace Diversity Like a Box of Chocolates

The hiring process is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. But when resumes start coming in, it is easy to stick to what they know and pick your favourites. They play it safe, knowing what they like and thinking that familiarity will tick all the boxes the same as it did before, but what if a Turkish delight could actually fit the role better than another Cadbury milk chocolate?

By Making Tech More Human, Are We Losing Our Humanity?

There can be good and bad to most things in life; it all depends on what path you follow. Some tech giants are starting to pay attention to the good. Our CEO Nilesh Makwana has been published in Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, addressing Tech for Social Impact, how we now have the power to change humanity for the better and that this responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Introducing: Wiise

We are proud to introduce Wiise as part of our Business Solutions! Wiise is a brand new and affordable cloud-based business management solution that combines the multiple systems used in businesses and tying them together into one smart solution. From finance to forecasting, inventory to invoicing, Wiise helps businesses get a clearer picture of everything that’s happening at every level.

Not a regular Thursday

Let’s be honest: some days are slightly more fun than others. Thursday 28th March was one of those days, where the Illuminance team had plenty to celebrate. For one, it was both our CEO’s birthday and our Junior Project Managers’ birthday. Second, we welcomed a new team member AND a student from the Illuminance Training program that ran earlier this month joined us for her first day as an intern at Illuminance!

A Saturday well spent!

This weekend, Illuminance Training collaborated with University Hall to give a one-day course; “Office 365 in the Workplace” to a group of Aboriginal and Torres Islander youth currently studying at the university. The training and unique collaboration aimed to equip the youth with essential job-readiness skills in current technology designed to improve personal and professional productivity. A Saturday well spent!

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