Public Sector

Bringing meaning to the term “Public Service”

Customer care, and maximising customer engagement, is as important and as relevant to public sector organisations as it is to those in the private sector.

Government organisations must ensure that the services they provide are responsive to local needs and offer “value for money” – the need to demonstrate effective and efficient use of public funds is critical.

Arguably, the expectations placed on the public sector are increasing – private sector organisations are offering more and more client-focused technological improvements, and “consumers” of Government services expect the same from Government.

Illuminance Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner with experience and expertise in delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations for the public sector. We are experienced at helping Government organisations to take advantage of innovative cloud technology, to improve customer experiences, to increase their own productivity, and to implement highly efficient business process solutions.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Improved taxpayer and customer engagement – our solutions empower users of Government services and do so at scale with cloud portals, applications, and social media capabilities;
  • A transformation of the potential of Government services, by utilising data analytics, innovation of digital processes, and innovation of user services;
  • Better employee engagement, through the deployment of technologies that enable employees to work remotely and independently through mobile, role-based applications and services to support productivity and collaboration; and
  • Optimisation of Government agency operating efficiencies, through the use of cloud- based services and solutions that leverage from the transformational power of Microsoft cloud technologies.

Illuminance Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a 2019 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year: Partner for Social Impact.

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