Customer Testimonials

St. Ives Home Care

“Our work with Illuminance on our Proof Of Concept CRM project has helped us to assess our business requirements and the capabilities of the Client Information Management solution based on Dynamics 365. We found it very easy to work with the Illuminance team, who quickly established a great rapport with our functional leads, translated our business requirements into system requirements, and created necessary and fit for purpose functionality in our system. The project was beneficial for St Ives and has helped us to shape our approach to client and service management.” 

– Ryan Chapman, Executive Manager Growth & Strategy – St. Ives Home Care

Shelter WA

“Shelter WA has had an excellent experience working with Illuminance Solutions to improve our IT and business systems. The team at Illuminance really understood what we wanted to achieve through the project, and proposed solutions that will meet the needs of the organisation. The best thing about working with Illuminance has been the clear communications and outstanding professionalism from their team. Shelter WA would recommend them to anyone looking to improve business processes through IT.”

– Eric Dillon, Interim Chief Executive Officer – Shelter WA

Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation

“We were looking for a smooth transition … we were really happy. There were several meetings throughout, regular phone contact and regular emails. I found (Vincent and Jacob) really friendly, really easy to talk to, so there was a lot of support from both of them. I would definitely work with them again.”

– Karina Rogers, Administration Manager – Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation

Business Foundation

“The team (at Illuminance) is really really good. And really knowledgeable around the technical aspects, and also around some of the softer side – the process mapping, and understanding what we do … The Illuminance people really took the time to get to understand our business and how we went about doing things, and that’s a really good thing.”

– James Flaherty, Finance and Operations – Manager Business Foundation

Outcare Inc.

Illuminance Solutions suggested we look at our business processes, rather than just what’s on the market, which was actually excellent, because we realised it was the people, not just the system .. Illuminance Solutions were really great, really engaging … they seemed to understand what the programs did, which was really impressive.

– Justin Clarke, Chief Financial Officer – Outcare Inc.

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Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association

Our members are our most valuable resource … we couldn’t deliver the improved services that we wanted to with the technology infrastructure that we had. I believed we needed the right partner to ensure this was going to be a seamless process … we needed the right company to help us define our needs and then implement the process. The greatest advantage was having three very experienced people in the room … to facilitate the discussion and to offer a summary of what we needed. Vincent and Matt were very skilled … I found the experience very, very positive.

– Paige McNeil, General Manager – Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association

Western Australian Fishing Council (WAFIC)

We’re much more targeted now in the way we communicate … there were immediate benefits. As well as a business relationship we’ve established more of a partnership relationship (with Illuminance Solutions). Our experience with Illuminance has given us the confidence that we’ve selected the right partner to work with.

 Alex Ogg, Operations Manager – Western Australian Fishing Industry Council

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Carbon Footie

Now, every day is so much easier for me … they helped me with the procedures, with the systems, they’re basically just there at the end of the phone, no matter what time. I would suggest that everybody should use Illuminance Solutions.”

– Caroline Duffy, Customer Service Manager – Carbon Footie

Youth Focus

We were able to utilise the system properly to the point where it’s had a real benefit in the way we manage our relationships that are so important to us in terms of managing our funding and our stakeholders … we’re really happy with the way it’s worked out so far.

– Warren Mahoney, General Manager – Youth Focus

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Mark Anthony Design

We believed (Illuminance Solutions) could put together something we needed … (to) make things more organised, more professional and easier to manage.

– Mite Stavreski, Office Manager – Mark Anthony Design

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Kinetic HR

They put together plans that are tangible, reasonable and more importantly achievable – (Vincent) is a fantastic resource to have.

– Andrew McGregor, Managing Director – Kinetic HR

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