Streamlining Operations: Automating Processes with ERP Transition

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Chorus is an aged care and disability service provider that enables seniors and those with disabilities and mental health conditions to live the life they choose, in their home and in their community. 

Chorus sought the expertise of illuminance Solutions to facilitate their migration to a cloud-based ERP solution, resulting in a successful transition to a localised Business Central solution; Wiise. This process was marked by its seamless execution, preservation of historical data, and the active participation of key personnel who played a vital role in driving this transformative journey. 

Project Overview

Migration to Wiise: 

  • The project involved transitioning from an outdated version of Business Central to a modern cloud-based ERP solution tailored to the Australian market 
  • The new system was structurally similar, which facilitated a smoother transition 

Historical Data Preservation: 

  • One of the primary goals was to retain historical data during the migration process
  • The entire database was seamlessly transferred to Wiise, ensuring the preservation of critical information

Customisations and Extensions: 

  • To tailor the system to specific needs, custom extensions were created, including integration with Wiise for billing files
  • These customisations were designed to enhance efficiency and productivity

Support Focus: 

  • Post-migration, the emphasis shifted to illuminance providing high-quality support
  • Third-party integrations were introduced for purchasing and service provider interactions, further streamlining operations

Wiise Integration: 

  • Wiise, a localised version of Business Central, was incorporated into daily operations
  • As a trusted partner, Wiise played a vital role in delivering essential reporting features tailored for the Australian market

Responsibility Centers Across WA: 

  • The project encompassed various responsibility centers or hubs located across Western Australia
  • Users in different locations across Western Australia needed seamless access to the system

Results and Benefits

The transition to the localised version of Business Central in the cloud resulted in improved operational efficiency. Chorus’ proactive engagement and the project manager’s close alignment with the client’s requirements played a significant role in navigating the challenges and limitations of the project. With a renewed focus on support, third-party integration, and Wiise, Chorus now operates smoothly, delivering services more effectively across its various centers nation-wide. 

This case study demonstrates the successful transition to the cloud, highlighting the importance of proactive project management, client understanding, and the adoption of modern, cloud-based solutions. This transformation has not only modernised operations for Chorus but also enhanced collaboration and service delivery across Western Australia.

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