Membership & Association Management System

Membership & Association Management System



  • Stakeholder management
    • Activities tracking
    • Mobility solution
    • Outlook / exchange integration
    • Office productivity integration
  • Membership management
    • Member activities (communication / engagement) report
    • Online membership renewal
    • Membership renewal online payment
    • Membership invoice sync to MYOB or Xero
    • Enquiry and Case management
  • Sales Marketing engagement
    • Lead management
    • Product and sales management
    • Segmentation
    • 3 party marketing integration
      • Mailchimp
      • Survey monkey / Voice of customer
    • Social engagement
      • Social channel monitoring
      • Key words hit map
      • Social post to case
    • Market automation
      • Web form integration
      • Email marketing
      • Nurture campaign

Business problem

  • Heavily rely on manual process. E.g. membership renewal
  • No integration between membership system or modules
  • Time consuming reporting
  • High admin cost due to manual process and disjoined systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365

MAMS (Membership & Association Management System) is built on a modern and powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based platform, that combines components of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), along with productivity applications. The platform has been tailored to improve productivity, recording and communication, application and membership and association management, and accounting tools has been integrated for a complete management facility.

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