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End-to-end Security and Compliance


In the past, cybersecurity and privacy were often low on the list of priorities. But, as cyber-threats have increased so have the risks of ignoring those threats. Breaches, compromised data, and cyber-attacks can put vulnerable beneficiaries at risk, disrupt operations and their services, expose your organisation to liability, and tarnish the reputation you have so painstakingly built.

Cybersecurity is essential because it protects sensitive information, such as personal data, financial information, and intellectual property, from unauthorised access, theft, or damage. A cyber attack can be costly, both in terms of financial loss and reputational damage. By implementing effective cybersecurity measures, businesses can protect their valuable assets and prevent costly cyber attacks.

To combat those threats organisations need to:

  • Identify, assess, and mitigate security risks
  • Stay up-to-date with security best practices and the overall threat landscape
  • Have the knowledge to respond to compliance obligations in a timely fashion

Many organisations don’t have the resources or the in-house skills to perform those tasks, but you can start by answering the questions below.

Can you answer ‘yes’ to these questions?

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Do you know who is accessing your data?

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Can you manage access to your data and assets based on risk in real time?

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Can you quickly find and react to a breach?

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Can you better protect your data on devices, in the cloud, and in transit?

It’s not too surprising if the answer to one or more of these questions is “no.”

Determining the best approach to security gets more difficult as attacks grow more sophisticated, staff and volunteers use a wider array of devices and applications, and data flows into and out of your organisation through more channels.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help!


Our skilled team of professionals have extensive security and compliance expertise that can help organisations like yours determine your level of risk, keep your security current, and meet compliance requirements. A great way to begin is with an assessment of your current technology and your level of security. We’ll also let you know about new options available with the latest Microsoft technologies.

A complete, intelligent solution with enterprise-level security


Microsoft 365 tools help protect your people, data, and devices while maintaining a high level of productivity. It includes built-in holistic, identity-driven protection for users, devices, apps, and data. It also provides sophisticated machine-learning models to reveal suspicious behavior in on-premises systems or in the cloud. And it applies advanced analytics to deliver richer insights that can help you detect and respond to attacks quickly. This level of security is woven into all layers of Microsoft 365.

International collaboration to help overcome skills gap

To support Australian organisations to tackle the spike in cyber attacks, illuminance Solutions is working with Canadian cyber security firm Terranova Security to bring its globally recognised training courses to assist nonprofits in Australia, and has also partnered with the WA AustCyber Innovation Hub. The Cyber Security solution led by illuminance Solutions will allow organisations to access cyber security expertise while their staff are trained by international experts while Microsoft technologies are implemented to fit each organisation’s needs and requirements.

Partners and Industry Associations illuminance Solutions Microsoft Gold Partner
Partners and Industry Associations illuminance Solutions Terranova Security

Four key areas of intelligent security

Secure the front door

Protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources with conditional access based on user risk level.

Secure content

Protect information in documents and emails with encryption that travels with them as they move inside and outside your organisation.

Secure environments

Strengthen your pre- breach posture with built-in threat protection, and recover quickly with automated remediation when attacked.

Secure devices

Use security management tools to gain end-to-end visibility of your organisation and manage policy centrally.

Why choose Microsoft & illuminance Solutions?


  • Microsoft 365 offers end-to-end security solutions for organisations of all sizes;
  • Solutions are powered by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph for unique intelligence based on trillions of data points;
  • You can choose a Microsoft 365 plan that addresses your nonprofit’s specific needs.

illuminance Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year 2019 – Partner for Social Impact.

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