Australian Gold Production Company

Enhancing Productivity and Collaboration through Microsoft Modern Workplace Adoption

A leading Australian gold exploration and production company sought to migrate their on-premises services to cloud-based solutions offered by Microsoft Modern Workplace as part of their efforts to modernise their workplace and improve productivity. The main objectives were to empower end-users with modern tools, enhance information access, and improve team collaboration. To achieve this, the company embarked on an initial project focused on leveraging SharePoint and Teams within Office 365 to facilitate seamless communication, information sharing, and document management. 

Project Scope and Objectives

The project’s scope centred around implementing SharePoint and Teams to enhance Office 365 productivity and provide a lightweight corporate Intranet page for disseminating company information. The specific objectives included:

Empower End-Users:

Implement modern tools and self-service features that allow employees to access information and resources easily.

Improve Information Accessibility:

Develop a user-friendly Intranet page with public libraries containing company information, including policies, and implement search functionality to find data across the organisation efficiently.

Enhance Collaboration:

Utilise the collaboration features of Teams to create lists of information such as news, announcements, and photos, and facilitate real-time communication among employees.

Enable Document Management:

Establish document management facilities that empower users to share policies with internal and external stakeholders while ensuring compliance with company requirements, such as review and approval processes.

Delegate Administrative Tasks:

Provide self-service facilities and delegate administrative tasks to relevant teams, reducing dependence on IT departments and streamlining processes.

Ensure Compliance:

Implement simple checks and balances to maintain security, privacy, and confidentiality in all operations.

Agile Adaptation:

Keep the system lightweight, agile, and adaptable to future changes, enabling Alkane to stay responsive to evolving business needs.


The gold production company formed a project team comprising IT experts, process owners, and end-users to oversee the implementation. The project team collaborated closely with Microsoft experts from illuminance Solutions to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud-based services. The implementation process was divided into several phases: 

Requirement Gathering:

The team conducted workshops and interviews with various stakeholders to understand their needs and preferences regarding modern workplace tools.

Solution Design:

Based on the requirements, the project team designed a tailored SharePoint and Teams solution aligned with Alkane’s specific workflows and communication needs.

Development and Testing:

The SharePoint-based Intranet page was developed, integrating public libraries, search functionality, and collaboration features. Teams were configured to facilitate real-time communication, file sharing, and collaboration.

User Training and Enablement:

A comprehensive training program was conducted to familiarise employees with the new tools and self-service features. Additionally, administrative teams were empowered to manage user access and permissions efficiently.

Rollout and Adoption:

The new system was gradually rolled out across the organisation, ensuring employees had adequate time to adapt to the changes. Continuous support and feedback mechanisms were in place to address any concerns or challenges faced during the transition.


The successful implementation of SharePoint and Teams yielded the following key outcomes:

Lightweight Corporate Intranet:

Employees now have access to a user-friendly Intranet page containing public libraries of company information, making it easier to find and access relevant data.

Efficient Document Management:

Document review and approval processes were streamlined, enabling smoother team collaboration. Policies could be easily shared with both internal and external stakeholders.

Empowered End-Users:

Employees gained the ability to handle administrative tasks independently, reducing reliance on IT departments and enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Compliance:

Simple checks and balances were implemented to ensure data security, privacy, and confidentiality, promoting a culture of compliance.

Improved Collaboration:

Teams facilitated real-time communication, fostering teamwork, and promoting a culture of knowledge sharing.

Agile Adaptation:

The implemented solution was designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing Alkane to respond quickly to future changes and evolving business needs.

Validation and Conclusion

The company’s IT management team lead provided validation that the project achieved its operational objectives and was delivered within the financial constraints set. The successful migration to Microsoft Modern Workplace tools marked a significant milestone in their journey towards a more modern, productive, and collaborative work environment. The project catalysed embracing broader ICT changes, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements while empowering its workforce to excel in their roles.

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