Expectation Management Techniques

Expectation management aims to alter another individuals expectations about the project. Some tools to alter expectations include:


1.       Education

This covers system capabilities and limitations, staff (e.g. developer) capabilities, and project rollout information (stages, speed, etc.).


2.       Framing

Everything is about perspective. The way information is phrased changes the reaction to it. An example of this is when a problem arises. Telling the client there is a problem phrases it as an issue. Alternatively, telling the client a challenge has arisen, and the possible solutions to it makes it an obstacle that can be overcome.


3.       Communication

Over-communication is always better than under-communication, and telling the client sooner is better than telling them later.


4.       Mitigating miscommunication

Frequent repetition of project goals (e.g. at the start of each meeting, the project requirements may be displayed) to minimise scope creep, documenting decisions (e.g. requirements table/list, meeting minutes, change request documents, summary emails of decisions).

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