Illuminance an Approved Lotterywest Consultant

illuminance Solutions is proud to have been awarded entry into the Lotterywest Register of Consultants. The Register is designed to help their grants customers find consultancy support best suited to their project, and identifies consultants who have provided services to community organisations or local government authorities in a range of areas.

Lotterywest suggests businesses engage a consultant:

  • When you don’t have enough people to do the work
  • If internal attempts haven’t worked
  • To move past internal differences of opinion
  • When a fresh view is needed
  • To challenge your organisation’s culture and assumptions

Lotterywest offers IT and web grants to help organisations deliver services, innovate, build their capacity and add value to their business. Support is given for software applications, ICT system establishment costs, and capacity-building projects, especially involving not-for-profit organisations. As part of their grants scheme, Lotterywest developed a document to help grants customers find consultancy support to suit their projects. This is where we come in – illuminance Solutions are a registered Lotterywest consultant.

As part of the Lotterywest application process, illuminance demonstrated experience in community organisations and government authorities across a range of areas. We have worked with groups such as Building Family Opportunities (as part of the Department for the Communities and Social Inclusion), the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, the Cancer Council, and Youth Focus. Using this range of experience, we can help you.

Not only do we implement solutions tailored to your business needs, but we can help you throughout the grants application process. After conducting an IT Blueprint to identify the issue your business faces and a general plan for change, we help you put together business cases, a project plan, and an ROI (cost/benefit analysis). This documentation is then submitted for deliberation by Lotterywest. This enables community groups to obtain the necessary funding to fix gaps in business processes and IT that may be hindering growth and smooth functioning.

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