illuminance Solutions: A company that values diversity and supports international students

illuminance Solutions is a company that follows a growth mindset and believes in lifelong learning. This is especially important in the ever-evolving ICT sector, where new technologies and innovations emerge constantly. Illuminance also values diversity and inclusion, and treats international students as a valuable talent and not cheap labour. The Age reported in June that international students are being paid as little as $10 hourly as some businesses takes advantage of of their need to work more hours than they are legally allowed, or of their lack of knowledge about their work entitlements. At illuminance Solutions however, employees are paid per industry standards, given opportunities to grow their skills and are encouraged to have a healthy work life balance.

Recently, the company hosted a group of students from Tamil Nadu in India, who were in Perth for a government-supported two-week immersion program. The program, organised by Vicky Dunford from The Western Australian, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (WA TVET), gave the students the opportunity to visit public universities, undertake hands-on workshops in cutting-edge areas like cyber security, AI, and robotics, and meet with inspirational leaders of Indian origin living in Perth.

One of these leaders was entrepreneur Nilesh Makwana, the CEO of illuminance Solutions, who shared his own journey as a former international student. He highlighted the importance of resilience, having an end result in mind, and working tirelessly to achieve it. He also gave each student a copy of his book Terminal 4: An Entrepeneur’s Journey From Bicycle To Business Class”, which tells his story in more detail. 


illuminance Solutions is committed to creating a welcoming environment for individuals from varied backgrounds. The company has a team of 36 individuals from 26 different nationalities, including international students, refugees, working mums, Indigenous Australians seniors, LGBTQIA+ members and people with disabilities. The company recognises and appreciates the value that immigrants bring to the workplace and actively seeks to create opportunities for them.

Working at illuminance in 1 word?

In a recent interview with Study Perth, two of illuminance’s team members, who were once international students themselves, shared their stories and highlighted the company’s support for students and immigrants. This further highlights the company’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society. Nathaniel and Natalia’s stories with illuminance will be released in December 2023.


“Most migrants are looking for an opportunity to prove themselves, that they can do it.

All you have to do is open the door for them, and give them that first go.”


– Nilesh Makwana

By embracing diversity and providing work opportunities for immigrants, illuminance Solutions wants to set an example for other companies to follow. The company aims to not only empower individuals who have chosen to make Australia their new home, but also contribute to the development of the wider community. 


If you are interested in joining this exceptional team, keep an eye out on their social media channels and their career page for available roles.


To hear more about Nilesh’s own journey as an immigrant and entrepreneur, be sure to watch his interview with SBS iNews in the video below. It is stories like his that remind us of the immense potential that lies within individuals, regardless of their background or country of origin.


Don’t forget to grab a copy of his book here.


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