Mentoring and Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in working at illuminance!

We offer temporary learning opportunities to help you put your best foot forward in the IT sector. You might be just getting out of university and lacking experience or considering a career change and needing advice to begin a new chapter in your professional life.

We can be your guide on your career journey through mentoring and our internship program.


We are happy to volunteer our time to share our knowledge of the IT industry, provide ideas and guidance for further professional development (training, qualification, certification), and give you tips about what we appreciate from candidates going through our recruitment process.


Mentoring can happen anywhere, career fairs and exhibitions, industry-related events, or an informal chat in our office.


  • Our CEO, Nilesh Makwana
  • Our Delivery Team Lead, Alexander Liffers
  • Any of our knowledgeable team members

Internship / Work Experience

We focus on innovative work experience offering interns ‘hands on’ training through real world experience. We always love to see new faces in the office, but please note, our team members will only be able to accommodate a limited number of internships at one time.

The purpose of the internship/work experience is:

  • To provide learning, training, and skill development opportunities to the intern in the Australian workplace requirements and standards.
  • To develop communication and soft skills to interact with team members and customers.
  • To build problem solving skills by understanding how to apply technology to a problem

Learning Objectives:

  • Obtain one or several Microsoft certifications, for example:
    • One Fundamentals level; MB-910
    • One Associate level; PL-200
  • Understand the operations of one client and their business needs. This will require:
    • Knowing what the purpose of the project is
    • Understanding the outcomes (such as reporting and compliance)
    • Know the people that will use the solution, and their capabilities
  • Apply your new technical skills to learned business needs:
    • Design a fit-for-purpose solution, that produces the required outcomes in a manner that the users can manage
    • Build the solution designed, following a structured process to address new issues and changes as they occur


Our office on Adelaide Terrace, Perth


Our Delivery Team Lead, Alexander Liffers, supervises our interns, however, you might be mentored by and will definitely interact with other members of our amazing team, such as Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Support Officers, etc.

Please note:

Internships are temporary, fixed duration agreements and do not constitute a promise or guarantee of future employment.

Want to know more?

If you have some questions or would like to know more about current mentoring and internship opportunities, please get in touch!