Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2015

My Takeaway Messages from the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2015 2015

This was my first year attending Microsoft Australia Partner Conference (APC). As a newbie, I had no idea what to expect. I spent three days in Gold Coast and all of my colleagues thought I was on holiday – I have to prove them wrong! In fact, I was making connections and learning new ideas. If you missed this APC, please read on and be inspired!

The conference aimed to support partners to build a better business. My interest is in business development and marketing, hence I attended numerous sessions on both topics.

  • The importance of purpose and vision
    • Live better does not mean you need to work harder.
    • Develop and communicate your vision
  • How to get the best out of your people (people development)
    • Positive attitude generates better outcomes
    • Understand different personality (DISC model) and how they communicate
    • Use unique coaching plan for individual team members
    • People need frequent recognition
    • Develop “Purpose > Mastery > Autonomy” employment model
    • Coaching model: Goal > Reality > Option > Way forward
    • Principle of coaching
      • Impartial and focus
      • Support ambition
  • Time and discipline in coaching process
  • Clear goals = better performance team

Author: Vincent Lam

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