Illuminance Solutions is awarded for our diversity!

illuminnace Solutions won Rising Stars Awards 2019 for Diversity

June 2019 will go into our history books as the Month of Awards! First we are awarded the 2019 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year – Partner for Social Impact, and on Tuesday 25th we received the Rising Star Award 2019 – Diversity!

We have always been a very diverse team, with age diversity and people with disabilities in addition to many different ethnicities and nationalities. As we have grown over the last few years, new talent has been recruited along the way and we have to be honest and admit that we have never been about filling quotas or looking for anything else but skillsets and values in the person looking to be hired.

If you want to know more about our value-driven way of operating, our CEO gave an interview in Visability Radio on Demand not too long ago. Click the image below to listen to his interesting stories and insightful portrayals.

Read the Business News article here.

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