Vincent Lam Presents at ACS EA May SIG

illuminance is proud to announce that Vincent Lam, our Principal Consultant, is presenting for the ACS Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group on Wednesday, May 4. Vincent will use case studies from his work with illuminance to demonstrate practically the role of human factors of enterprise architecture in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) environment.

Vincent’s experience comes from using architecture based approaches in projects at illuminance. He is involved in critical decision making of priorities and goals, and facilitates transformation of business processes when necessary. This ensures businesses are employing the most efficient techniques, prior to the introduction of new technology. These features become the foundation of SME technology solutions. In doing so, solutions provided are not “stock standard”, but tailored to the needs of clients. This architecture based approach assists SME organizations to transform and realise their business goals, and make these goals a reality.

Booking is essential. For more information and registration, visit

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