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Radio interview with Illuminance CEO Nilesh Makwana conducted by Kenneth Phua at VisAbility Radio on Demand.
Published 8th May 2019.

“I don’t like to be boxed. I don’t like to be known for one thing. I have many different skill-sets and ability to add value in different ways, and if people try to box me, I don’t like it. I am just a programmer, not just a project manager, not just a business person, not just a business analyst; I have many different skill-sets that I can offer in different contexts. The same way, I don’t want to box people within the organisation. If they have a desire to be more on the front side of the business, which is around client engagement then we want to encourage that. If they want to sit behind a screen and create some innovative solutions and products using their technical knowledge, then we would facilitate that too. It depends on where they want to find their sweet spots or where they wat to find their comfort zones. I enjoy what I do and I like every day what I do with my day and the same has to be with the rest of the team members , that they should come to work feeling that they are doing something meaningful and enjoying what they are doing. Now, if at some stage, in their work life, they find that they want to try something new, then why not? Because when they find their sweet spots where they really feel that now I am using full capability and capacity of myself and I am being the best of myself in that role, then magic starts to happen.

The moment people find what they love doing, and they do what they love then true magic starts to happen. But it takes some time, and sometimes in life we do certain jobs and roles and duties which we do to keep the lights on. That’s ok and sometimes it is necessary, but you should not stop to thrive and look for that opportunity where you feel really happy to be in that role. And to find that happy, sweet spot, if you have an opportunity to do that yourself then you should strive to create that same opportunity for others, too.

Someone once said that you can’t give to others what you yourself don’t possess. I feel that if you are in a fortunate position where you have achieved something for yourself, you have a responsibility to pass that on top others and help others achieve the same.”

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