This page is a collection of all supporting material submitted with illuminance Solutions’ World Summit Award Australia Award 2020 nomination.

World Summit Awards Australia 2020

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Health & Well-Being

Reduced Equalities


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This webpage contains supporting material to
illuminance Solutions’ WSA Australia Award 2020 nomination.

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About AvantCare:
Optimal Cloud Solution For Care – Providers

AvantCare is an integrated client and services information management platform built for care providers in the disability and aged care sectors. The platform facilitates client-centric business processes and at the same time, stays agile to support business objectives – offering client-centric service and supports both individualised funding and block funding, including;

• National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS);
• Supported Independent Living (SIL) in NDIS;
• Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP);
• state-based funding; and
• co-contribution in addition to other funding sources.

AvantCare was developed with the belief that with the right application, technology can transform lives. Care providers are a vital service for hundreds of thousands of Australians. However, the sector faces uncertainty from increasing NDIS compliance, human resource demands and evolving client expectations. AvantCare has the potential to transform Care Providers processes and improve overall business outcomes, ensuring care providers can focus resources on where it matters most – their clients. It is our vision, that by empowering care providers we will contribute to the improvement of the everyday lived experience of their clients.

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About NDIS

The Australian Government introduced National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with the goal to increase the quality of life and wellbeing of those with a disability. The scheme contributes towards two of the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN; Good Health and Well-being, and Reduced Inequalities.

When the Australian Federal Government began the roll-out of the biggest change in social services Australia had seen in more than 30 years in the form of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), it left many community disability service providers unable to conform to new strict compliance criteria.  In effect, it meant many of those providers would be unable to meet the new guidelines or attract the funding required to provide the care and hope for the 460,000 permanently and significantly disabled individuals most at risk in our community.

Smaller organisations, especially those specialising in niche care to people with very individual needs were the most affected, unable to conform to business models and information systems that were beyond their reach. The consequences could well have been that the newly introduced NDIS system intended to provide better information, support and funding for the disability sector, unintentionally precluded the care-givers delivering the services they had been providing – ultimately affecting the quality of life of those dependent on their care.

AvantCare is built on the new NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, which incorporates the updated reporting framework standards, auditability and information security principle. AvantCare also has self-auditing tools that enables service quality review on a regular basis.

About Microsoft Cloud for Global Good

illuminance Solutions, with the support of Microsoft (in the form of an Innovation Grant, “Cloud for Good”), is proud to have been able to develop a solution for disability sector service providers in the form of AvantCare. This system addresses many of the challenges faced by the service providers including sustainability, transparency and quality in services delivery and workforce optimisation; enabling compliance for NDIS, greater efficiencies and improvements to the client experience.

For example, using technology solutions for rostering efficiency, manpower is mobilised appropriately, increasing productivity and providing surety for those receiving the care service. Streamlining of communications between workers in the field and team leaders/coordinators via a mobile app allows ad hoc service requests to be accommodated faster – empowering clients to receive the most appropriate care in a timely manner. The new client portal provides clients and their families a transparent view of their funding plan balances, services planned, and services provided and also gives clients the opportunity to provide feedback after each service is delivered.  Real-time information and client care plan updates can be conducted onsite at the client’s home for management reporting to internal and external authorities.

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Awards & Recognitions

MS POY 2020 illuminance website
MS POY 2019 illuminance website
ITAC 2020 illuminance website

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020
Finalist, Partner for Healthcare

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019
Winner, Partner for Social Impact

Information Technology in Age Care (ITAC) 2020
Nominated, Best Solution That Achieves Integration Across Multiple Platforms

ACS Gold Dirsuptor of the Year 2019 illuminance website
Belmont Award 2019 illuminance website
Pinnacle Awards logo illuminance website

Australian Computer Society (ACS)
Digital Disruptors Awards 2019
CXO Disruptor of the Year
Gold Winner

Belmont & Western Australian
Small Business Awards 2019

Nominated, Digital Technology Award

AIM WA Pinnacle Awards 2019 / 2020
Curtin University Innovation Excellence

ITAC 2017 illuminance website
ACS Awards 2017 illuminance website
WAiTTA INCITE Awards illuminance website

Information Technology in Age Care (ITAC) 2017
Awarded High Commendation in Category 5:
Best Workforce Efficiency or Quality Improvement Solution

Australian Computer Society (ACS)
Digital Disruptors Awards 2017
Nominated, Service Transformation For the Digital Consumer
(Not for profit)

WAiTTA INCITE Awards 2017
Finalist in 3 categories:
Most Impactful Social Benefit
Most Innovative Collaborative Technology
Most Effective Platform

Modules & Capabilities

AvantCare is built on Microsoft technology which provides the security, support and agility that ensures AvantCare will never fall behind or neglect industry needs. AvantCare can integrate across your existing Microsoft investments to ease any transitions and as a Microsoft Tech for Social Impact Partner, we have a direct relationship and receive many benefits which we are able to pass on to our clients.

AvantCare icon client management

Client Management

AvantCare icon scheduling and rostering

Scheduling & Rostering

AvantCare icon document management

Document Management

AvantCare icon marketing integration

Marketing Integration

AvantCare icon volunteer manegement

Volunteer Management

AvantCare icon donation management

Donation Management

AvantCare icon security and compliance

Security & Compliance Information

AvantCare icon incident management

Incident Management

AvantCare icon self audit

Self – Audit Assessment

AvantCare icon payroll and award interpretation

Payroll & Award Interpretation

AvantCare icon attract onboard

Attract, Offer & On-boarding

AvantCare icon HR core

HR Core

AvantCare icon reporting business intelligence

AI Powered Business Intelligence Dashboard

AvantCare icon financial management

Financial Management

AvantCare icon mobility


AvantCare Case Study by Microsoft

chemo at home avantcare by illuminance solutions banner

chemo@home offers a range of at-home treatments for cancer patients across Australia, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and infusions, as well as medications for patients with other chronic diseases. Administered by a team of trained nurses, chemo@home is a leading country provider of alternative means of treatment, and it serves more than 7,400 home-based patients. Its work helps free up hospital wards and delivers savings to the Australian government.

chemo@home provides in-home services with the help of a widely distributed workforce that communicates primarily through mobile devices (phones, tablets, and laptops). Essential to the at-home treatment process is the ability to match medical workers’ qualification to patients’ needs and to ensure that correct equipment is available for service delivery.

Successfully managing a large mobile team and providing staff members with immediate access to critical patient information is crucial to the company’s success and to maintaining proper treatment for the thousands of patients who rely on their services. But the devices that chemo@home relied on sometimes experienced connectivity issues, and they leveraged different technologies. Together, these challenges risked major increases in support costs.

chemo@home approached illuminance solutions to guide its digital transformation journeyby designing, developing, and deploying a full ICT strategy to create a reliable, all-in-one, technology-driven solution to address its issues.

“In these COVID-19 times, chemo@home has been able to really come to the forefront, thanks in part to AvantCare and the Microsoft Cloud Platform to effectively manage our widely disbursed workforce using what we already have.”

Lorna Cook: Co-Founder and Company Director, chemo@home

“It has been inspiring to watch chemo@home go from strength to strength, thinking outside the box and providing a public service that is convenient, and then almost transformed to arguably being essential during COVID-19.”

Nilesh Makwana: CEO, illuminance Solutions

AvantCare in the Media

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Partners & Supporters

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The Company Behind AvantCare

illuminance Solutions is an award-winning information technology (IT) business providingtailor made solutions in government, private and not-for-profit spheres across Australia. Offering digital strategy and planning services they can help organisations achieve optimal levels of efficiency, meet stringent compliance requirements and enhance user friendliness for clients with their cloud-based, state of the art technology. Services provided by illuminance include project and change management, software training, customer engagement and management, and business information and analytic

Our people are the essence of illuminance Solutions. Our team – highly talented and energetic individuals share a common passion for information technology, and most importantly, for client service.  Led by Nilesh Makwana and Vincent Lam since its inception in 2012, illuminance Solutions has provided much needed job creation in the technology sector, having built up to a team of 24. New positions have been filled with candidates benefiting from our inclusive diversity policy – traversing a wide range of 18 nationalities, with wide age ranges, 4 people who identify as having a disability and the provision of opportunities for student training and those needing flexible work arrangements.

Building a broad team across culture, gender and age has contributed to a rich internal dynamic that has proven to benefit both our clients and our organisation. The services provided to clients can be individualised because of our diversity and our understanding of community; this has made Illuminance stronger as a result.

The highly qualified, dedicated team are always looking for ways to self-improve their skills with further training.  Their aim is always to be the innovation leaders in the technology sector and that has proven to be true with the development of AvantCare.