illuminance – WAFIC Business Transformation Journey

WAFIC is the peak industry body representing the commercial fishing, pearling, and aquaculture industries in Western Australia. After almost 50 years of operations, WAFIC found that they had a mismatch of data resulting from multiple sources of data input over the years. They engaged illuminance with the goal of increasing engagement within the sector and within the community. They wanted a system that would allow them to move forward.

Now, WAFIC are growing in capacity as they use different aspects of the new system and explore the doors it has opened. As a result, they are more targeted in their communication, they are able to customise the message when consulting with members, and their system is much cleaner.

The project has been a long-term relationships between WAFIC and illuminance, which has allowed the two teams to collaborate effectively. There will always be challenges, but through the relationship they have developed, each challenge can be faced head-on with a collaborative approach. We’ve enjoyed working with the WAFIC team, and look forward to continuing our relationship.

Read the Case Study here.

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