Aboriginal Trust Management System

Key Features

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Member Portal

  • Ability for members to login to the portal online
  • Accessible through mobile devices
  • Check balances available for each program and submit fund applications online
  • Application processing will be done in ATMS and real time updates will be visible in the portal
  • Members can check status of fund applications
  • Members can update their contact details through the portal.

Member Management

  • Maintaining the member registry with the ability to record the following for each member;
     Key demographic information
    • Financial / bank details
     Family / language group
     Membership types – if any
     Track activities (phone calls, SMS, emails)
     Create notes and tasks
     Relationship between members
     Store important documents for each member
  • Case management (feedback surveys, complaints, advocacy, employment assistance)
  • Manage onboarding process of new members.


Funds Management

  • Set program budgets for each member support program
  • Set individual balance for each member support program
  • Automatically calculate the balances from processing fund applications
  • Automatic reset of program budgets ( financial year / calendar year)
  • Set up warnings/ restrictions around budgets.

Fund Applications Management

  • Functionality to submit and process fund applications for each member
  • Select the member support program for each application
  • Progress applications through a business process flow (an approval process) with validations if needed
  • Enter disbursements (line items) for each application specifying the supplier
  • Automated purchase order process by creating PO’s and notifying the Vendor
  • Track activities (phone calls, SMS, Emails) for each application
  • Create notes and tasks for each application
  • Store supporting documents for each application.

Communication Management

 ATMS enables users to easily communicate with stakeholders using a range of different platforms and ability to integrate with other third party like SMS gateways and marketing products.

  • Mass communication – Bulk SMS and emails
  • Dynamics 365 marketing lists for target communication
  • Individual communication – email and SMS tracking
  • Automatic notifications using Dynamics 365 workflows.

Reporting & Compliance

ATMS combined with Power BI has strong reporting capabilities.

  • System / personal dashboards
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 advanced find for query based data extraction
  • Microsoft Power BI – business intelligence reporting
  • Put business rules in place for compliance.


ATMS is equipped with Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provide a security model that protects data integrity and privacy, and supports efficient data access and collaboration. The goals of the model are as follows:

  • Provide users with the access only to the appropriate levels of information that is required to do their jobs
  • Categorise users by role and restrict access based on those roles
  • Support data sharing so that users and teams can be granted access to records that they do not own for a specified collaborative effort
  • Prevent a user’s access to records the user does not own or share.

Integration with Financial Applications

ATMS has the capability to deliver financial system capabilities by integrating well with with other Dynamics 365 applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Wiise – a product built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, an all-in-one ERP business management solution that helps you connect your financials, service and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions.

Wiise – a business software that helps manage accounting, payroll, banking and HR. From finance to forecasting and invoicing Wiise will help Trusts and Corporations get a clearer picture of what’s happening at every level. ATMS can also integrate well with existing financial applications such as Xero and MYOB. This will create a duplex information link between ATMS and the financial application.

  • Based on the disbursements, ability to create line items in general ledger
  • Functionality to create purchase orders which can be sent to suppliers
  • Using technology such as Xero Webhooks and Microsoft Azure functions, ATMS can have near to live updates.

Future Roadmap

ATMS has the potential to carry out the following functionalities / integrations in the future;

  • Phone system integration – to operate a call centre for member services
  • Investments tracking
  • GIS integration for heritage surveys and Indigenous Land User Agreements
  • Project management

Case Studies

Case Study by Microsoft

ATMS MS case study for illuminance Solutions website

Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation

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Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation

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Robe River Kuruma Aboriginal Corporation

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“In 2018 BNTAC and illuminance Solutions embarked on a journey together to develop systems and processes to enable BNTAC to achieve compliance in its distributions of charitable funds and importantly establish a high level of service to the Banjima people. Drawing on illuminance’s extensive industry knowledge and experience, we worked in partnership to create and build processes and systems, which have provided us with a comprehensive solution.

The implementation of illuminance Solution’s Aboriginal Trust Management System built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, has enabled BNTAC to quickly establish a service that drives efficiency and enables continual, incremental, refinement of theservice we provide to the Banjima people. We look forward to continuing this collaborative partnership with illuminance as we plan to further evolve our system as our knowledge and understanding of the platform’s capabilities grows.”

Matthew Maxted, Member Services Manager – Banjima Title Aboriginal Corporation

“Our collaboration with illuminance Solutions for the Aboriginal Trust Management System (ATMS) implementation has made us realise that technology combined with correct business processes in place can play an important role in the success of our organisation. ATMS offers us both these factors and we are looking forward to using ATMS as the tool to drive our efficiency, improve governance and offer better services to our members into the future..”

Daryl Smith, Chief Executive Officer – Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation

“Among others, the fundamental core service that RRKAC provide the Robe River Kuruma people is to utilise trust funds to deliver programs for their betterment. Aligned under the same goal, RRKAC and illuminance Solutions formed a partnership to further refine the processes already in place around member services with ATMS as the enabler. RRKAC realises the impact of streamlining the processes through ATMS will benefit the RRK people. We look forward to continuing the partnership with illuminance to further improve our system with the goal of serving the RRK people at theforefront.”

Brooke St. James, Member Services Manager – Robe River Kuruma Aboriginal Corporation

Microsoft Platform

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ATMS is built on modern and powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based platforms, that combines components of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ATMS has been tailored to improve productivity, recording and communication and is able to integrate with the other Microsoft cloud based solutions such as;

The core platform is Microsoft Dynamics 365 on which ATMS is built and provides the following features:

  • Member management;
  • Funds management;
  • Fund application processing and management;
  • Case management;
  • Member communication.

Office 365 inclusive services such as SharePoint for document management and using the app Teams ensures better office productivity within the trust or corporation itself. Being able to collaborate remotely is of great necessity and the software suite fully supports this.

A member app built on Power Apps portals enables beneficiaries to login, submit and track their fund applications. Business intelligence and the ability to drill down and track the distribution of funds is a natural fit for Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports. Automation and integration between components such as finance systems and communication platforms are built on Microsoft Azure resources. Server-less functions and service bus ensure reliability and credibility in the data management.

ATMS also has Wiise integrated, a clever platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to streamline processes and manage business complexity.

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Particular problems that are faced by the sector include:

  • Compliance and record keeping;
  • Complexity of approval processes and procedures;
  • High costs of administration (often due to duplication of workload);
  • Involvement of a third party that does not have the cultural sensitivity needed;
  • Difficulties experienced in budget tracking and other financial activities; and
  • Data security issues.

Unique challenges faced by a unique sector

Many Indigenous Trusts and Corporations are responsible for distribution and investment of funds derived from native title claims and entitlements. This is an important and significant role.

There are unique challenges associated with the management and governance of these responsibilities, and historically the processes and procedures in place at these organisations to manage day-to-day activities have been ad hoc and time consuming.

ATMS has provided the following benefits to its current clients and users:

  • Self-reliance in providing services to members;
  • Trust in tracking required information without the need for excessive levels of technical or financial knowledge;
  • Confidence in accurate and current information on fund distribution and the organisations financial position to provide services;
  • Clear allocation of roles and associated responsibilities. The correct person is assigned to a job and held accountable;
  • Total transparency into the operational aspects of the organisation at all times.

A solution for these sectors, based on technology and cloud opportunities

illuminance Solutions is experienced in working directly with Indigenous Organisations to design and implement customer relationship management systems including cloud based platforms to facilitate key processes and procedures, comprising member record maintenance and management, claims management, procedural systems, accounting and reporting facilities.

Acquiring all the industry knowledge, we have developed a unique solution which addresses the operation challenges faced by the industry. Our solution converts paper and excel based member records and fund applications to digital records using a system that is easy to implement and use.

We are experienced in providing training to employees and helping project teams with change management inorder to ensure that the potential benefits of the new system are properly realised.

This system benefits more than merely the trustee organisations – it is able to make significant and lasting improvements to indigenous communities. Trustee organisations are better able to focus on strategic and community benefit activities while spending less time on administrative tasks.

Happy Clients

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ATMS Point of Contact

Alexander Liffers

illuminance Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a 2019 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year: Partner for Social Impact.