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Community collaboration to help overcome the digital divide

As technology is advancing at a rapid pace, some groups in our community are being left behind. A digital divide is emerging, which makes equal treatment and opportunity even more challenging to achieve. As a Gold Partner of one of the biggest technology actors in the world, Microsoft, we at illuminance take responsibility for this digital divide. We do our best every day to reduce the digital divide through collaboration with relevant organisations and universities to create, conduct and facilitate various tailored training programs.

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Drones – Principles to Flight is an accessible training program for people with mobility or dexterity impairment.

The training is developed and executed in collaboration with Techlearn and Western Electric Sporting Association (WESA).

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Online Safety for Seniors is an on-site training program in collaboration with Switched On Seniors to help secure seniors online presence.

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Office 365 Training Program has been developed in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame Australia and their Broome Campus. The tailored training programs teach the basics of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel in addition to use of online services, general search engine, research basics and cyber security.

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Office 365 in the Workplace was developed in close collaboration with The University of Western Australia and UniHall. This free one-day training aims to equip Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth with essential job-readiness skills in current technology. It is designed to assist in organising information, collaborating and communicating, thus creating better professional opportunities.

Blogs & Articles

Accessible drone training on a sunny Saturday

Drones – Principles to Flight is an accessible training program for people with mobility or dexterity impairment designed and conducted by illuminance Solutions, Techlearn and the Western Electric Sporting Association (WESA) that was held on Saturday 20 February in Langley Park, Perth WA.

Online Safety for Seniors

Seniors are the fastest growing group online and a group that is a prime target for Internet scams because of a perceived vulnerability. With the training program Online Safety for Seniors by illuminance Solutions and Switched on Seniors, our silver surfers are taught how to see the difference between phishing emails and legit emails, amongst many other things to help secure their online presence.

Broome training part 1 – Success!

The first Free Digital Literacy training for the Indigenous Australian community in Broome kicked off in the first quarter of 2020. The collaboration between illuminance Solutions and The University of Notre Dame Australia and their Broome Campus teach essential technology skills to contribute to the reduction of the digital literacy divide in the Indigenous Australian community.

Why we care / Why we do it

Western Australia’s technology ecosystem continues to grow, attract international attention and create opportunity. Our culture of entrepreneurial spirit is buoyed by the joint and collaborative efforts of incredible individuals and organisations in our rich and diverse community. The tech sector has an important role in helping to realise the full potential of this diversity, and in ensuring that Western Australia is inclusive, leaving no one behind.

By offering a variety of programs and courses tailored to suit the needs of different groups in our community, illuminance helps to raise awareness around the digital divide.

We are focusing on the inclusion of the Indigenous peoples of Australia in the WA tech sector to address the specific challenges they are facing.

We are also extending our training offer to people with a disability. We recognise that they are not given the same opportunities, but with the right training and support, they are more likely to contribute and live fulfilled lives. By initiating collaboration with various groups, organisations and businesses, illuminance promote inclusion in the workforce and highlight the benefits for individuals, companies, communities and the nation.

Tackling the digital divide also creates meaningful opportunities for co-creation, inclusion and knowledge sharing.

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