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illuminance Solutions’

Reconciliation Action Plan 

2019 – 2024

Our Vision for Reconciliation

Our vision at illuminance is to help bridge the gap of digital literacy across Australia with a primary focus on improving the socio-economic condition of the Indigenous community through providing education, training and employment and creating a solution specific to the needs of the Indigenous sector.

This commitment is in line with illuminance values of Respect and Integrity, Collaboration and Communication, Innovation and Creativity, and Diversity. As an advocate for Technology for Social Impact, we strive to make a positive difference in the community using our unique skills to serve and do good.

We are dedicated in advocating the increased representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our workforce and community and we aim to achieve this through the actions outlined in this Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

illuminance Solutions is a Reconciliation WA (RECWA) member since July 2019.

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Our Values

At the heart of every business are the people behind it. At illuminance Solutions, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, our team and our collaboration partners. We genuinely strive to develop trusted relationships.

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Our Reconciliation Action Plan

At illuminance, we aspire to develop long-term, valuable and mutual partnerships with the Indigenous community. This initiative will not only enrich our organisation through increased understanding and respect of traditional cultures, but it will also create opportunities for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people such as education, training and employment.

illuminance aims to use our Digital Literacy and training programs to deliver positive employment outcomes for Indigenous people, providing them with a means to reach their full potential and develop skills that are useful for employment. We also pride ourselves in creating a member-focused solution using Microsoft cloud technology to help Indigenous corporations improve their member services and address operational challenges.

This Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is our way of creating a roadmap and is built on our respect for the Indigenous people and culture.

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Our Journey | 2017

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The Aboriginal Trust Management Solution (ATMS) was developed to help Indigenous trustees and corporations address the operational challenges faced by the industry.

  • Using ATMS, membership organisations can convert paper- and excel-based member records and fund applications to digital records using a system that is easy to use and implement.
  • The goal of ATMS is to create a significant and lasting improvement to the indigenous community in which trustees and corporations are able to focus on strategic and community activities while spending less time in administrative tasks.
  • Built on the modern and powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, ATMS combines the components of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to tailor to the needs of the sector.
ATMS system illuminance mockup with devices

Our Journey | 2018

ATMS logo for web

Launch of ATMS and highlight of some of its main components such as:

  • The Self-Service Member Portal that enables beneficiaries to log in, submit and track their fund applications.
  • Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports – an analytics solution / service that takes business intelligence to the next level through accurate reporting and presentation.
  • Automation and integration between components such as finance systems and communication platforms built on Microsoft Azure.
  • A Wise integration that enables streamlined procedures and effective management of complex business processes.

Launch of Digital Literacy Program for Indigenous Youth and onboarding of first batch of Indigenous trainees

  • illuminance Training offers a free training course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled or thinking of enrolling in higher education, to learn essential technology skills for improving productivity with Office 365.
  • The course aims to help address common issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students such as lower education completion rates and lower digital literacy levels compares to non-Indigenous students.
  • Students will be introduced to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows and will be taught the basics of using Outlook Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and OneNote.
digital literacy training for indigenous youth at illuminance

Our Journey | 2019

Partners and Industry Associations illuminance Solutions University of Notre Dame

2019 was a significant year for us, as an organisation we have implemented and improved several initiatives which have led us to initiate our own RAP and to honour our long-term commitment to reconciliation in Australia. Some key highlights of 2019 are:

  • Continuation of illuminance Solutions’ Digital Literacy Program with improved training content and using real workplace scenarios. We were also able to provide an internship to two students who completed the training program in Microsoft Office 365 in collaboration with UniHall (University of WA).
  • Expansion of illuminance’s Digital Literacy Program with the goal of reaching out to Indigenous communities in regional areas. In partnership with the University of Notre Dame Australia, illuminance agreed to conduct Microsoft Office 365 training programs at Notre Dame University’s regional campus in Broome, which will make the training program accessible to Indigenous community members of the Broome region. The training will be open to the wider community and not just enrolled students at the university.
Partners and Industry Associations illuminance Solutions West Tech Assemblage

West Tech Assemblage 2019 focused on the Inclusion of Indigenous People in the WA Tech Sector.

  • West Tech Assemblage is the brain child of illuminance Solutions’ CEO Nilesh Makwana. It has been running every year since 2015 and brings together the brightest of the technology and innovation sectors to celebrate each other’s achievements, build valuable connections, and discover opportunities for synergy and collaboration.
  • With the focus on the inclusion of the indigenous people of Australia in the WA tech sector, the event encouraged to collaborate and together address the increasing digital divide issues around Indigenous communities.
  • Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP – The Minister for Indigenous Australians was the keynote speaker for WTA 2019 alongside Prof. Peter Klinken – Chief Scientist of Western Australia, Prof. Selma Alliex – Pro Vice Chancellor & Head of The University of Notre Dame Australia Fremantle Campus, Nilesh Makwana – CEO, illuminance Solutions, Shelley Cable – CEO Generation One, Minderoo Foundation and Les Delaforce – WA State Director, Tank Stream Labs.
Minister Wyatt at West Tech Assemblage 2019

Participation in Indigenous events such as:

  • Walk for Reconciliation with the theme “Groundedin Truth, Walk Together with Courage”
  • WA’s National Reconciliation Breakfast held at Crown Perth
  • National Native Title Conference in Melbourne
  • Cultural Learning Workshop by Jolleen Hicks
  • Yokai Employment and Retention Forum (RAC Office)
  • Yokai Forum at Crowne Plaza
RAP illuminance solutions indigenous events Hon Ken Wyatt and Vincent Lam
RAP illuminance solutions indigenous events Perth Arena

Our Journey | 2020

Just two weeks before Western Australia went into lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, illuminance team members travelled to Broome to conduct the training that was launched in 2019.

In partnership with the University of Notre Dame Australia, illuminance went to conduct Microsoft Office 365 training programs at Notre Dame University’s regional campus in Broome, which will make the training program accessible to Indigenous community members of the Broome region.

The training was open to the wider community and not just enrolled students at the university. At the time of the training, the team was scheduled to return to Broome three more times but this plan was put on hold due to the pandemic. When the borders open, the thread will be picked up again and we will commence the training initiative.

DL flyer Broome digital literacy classes web
illuminnace Broome training Group web

Our Journey | Moving Forward

Along the way, illuminance Solutions has been inspired and moved by our experience since the launch of ATMS, our Digital literacy program and engagement in events and activities related to the Indigenous sector.

We are:

  • Inspired and motivated by the potential of what we can achieve together and the amount of social impact we can provide through our services.
  • Proud of the many achievements and participation of our staff and partners.
  • Encouraged by the kindness shown by the Indigenous communities and partners we work with.

However, we realise that this is just the first step in our journey towards reconciliation but we are committed to do our part.

This RAP outlines the steps we will take in the years to come, to ensure that we remain committed to our promise of working towards Reconciliation through our business operations and decisions, paving the way for the development and enrichment of meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people.

Raising the significance of the Digital Divide between Non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians

Our RAP Initiative is driven and led by our CEO, Nilesh Makwana and involves illuminance team members and various collaboration partners. For the next four years we will work together to reach the following goals:

Actions & Deliverables

Action #1

  1. Provide context and extent of Indigenous digital disadvantage with a focus on literacy issues.
  2. Inspire to collaboration with stakeholders to cover issue of Indigenous digital disadvantage and be able to remove barriers to Indigenous digital information access.


1. A continuous expansion of our Digital Literacy program to cover Indigenous communities both in metropolitan and regional areas, including partnerships with universities, youth councils and organisations to be able to reach out to more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This includes organising / hosting training sessions in collaboration with WA universities, or with relevant organisations.

2. Create unique collaborations with clients and partners to participate in illuminance’s efforts to highlight the challenges of information access:

• Support projects that advocate physical access to ICTs – (Client, Robe River Kuruma Aboriginal Corporation (RRKAC) has started a project that aims to create ICT hubs to provide physical access to computers for Indigenous communities.)

• Underline and help form views and policies, and advocate and boost digital literacy issues with articles, think pieces and presentations.
Read: UWA Public Policy Institute: COVID-19: The need to boost digital literacy in Indigenous communities.

Action #2

  1. Create connections and build relationship that can bring together providers of ICT infrastructure and services.
  2. Advocate programs that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to integrate and keep up with the rest of society.


1. The 2019 West Tech Assemblage headed by illuminance Solutions CEO was centred around the inclusion of Indigenous peoples of Australia in the tech sector. The tech sector has an important role in helping to realise the full potential of this diversity and in ensuring Western Australia is inclusive, fair and respectful of all.

The Honourable Ken Wyatt AM, MP, Minister for Indigenous Australians, and the first Indigenous Australian to hold the position as a Minister was a keynote speaker for the event along with Chief Scientist of Western Australia, Prof. Peter Klinken See more about WTA 2019 here.

2. Advocate for library and information services.

Action #3

Raise internal and external awareness of the illuminance RAP.


1. Develop and implement a plan to raise awareness and educate staff about Indigenous culture and policies.

2. Participate in events and workshops.

3. Internal knowledge sharing workshops.

4. Setting up of an information hub for Indigenous matters.

5. Organise at least 1 event per year to celebrate National Reconciliation week.

Action #4

Continuously participate in National Reconciliation Week (NRW).


1. Circulate National Reconciliation materials to employees.

2. Encourage employees to participate in National Reconciliation Week events.

3. Create more collaboration with Reconciliation WA.

4. Include digital material provided by NRW into our own marketing (including social media, blog posts, email signatures, newsletters or EDM’s), and create unique content to support NRW and its message to reach a wider audience. We will also inform of the same internally, to make sure that all our team members are on the same page. Any posters provided by NRW will be printed and put up in illuminance’s office.

Action #5

Support Indigenous art by:

  1. Investing in artworks to be installed in illuminance’s office.
  2. Commission local artist or artists to closely work with illuminance’s design team for stationery and uniforms.
  3. illuminance’s RAP Working Group Members will support and attend relevant art and cultural events.


1. Visibly show respect, support and appreciation of Indigenous art and history through installation of Australian Indigenous Art in our premises.

2. Design stationary in collaboration with a commissioned Aboriginal visual artist. The stationery (for both internal every- day use and as promotional items according to marketing strategies (e.g., for booths / stalls at events, conferences etc.)

illuminance are also planning to create uniforms for the team and the elements designed for the stationery will also be implemented in the uniforms.

3. After attending an event, the team will be informed and encouraged to attend the same, if possible. E.g., in March 2021, the Western Australian Museum invited illuminance CEO to the closing ceremony of the exhibition “Songlines: Tracking of the Seven Sisters”.

Action #6

Support employment of Indigenous Australians by offering opportunities.


1. Closely monitor Digital Literacy programs to ensure equal employment opportunity for participants.

2. Review HR procedure and recruitment policies to ensure that there are no systemic barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates.

3. Include ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are strongly encouraged to apply’ in our job advertisements.

4. Liaise with more education institutions to explore student placements and/or as a source for future employees.

5. Continuously develop and review different approaches to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within illuminance Solutions.

6. Partner with Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (BNTAC) and create internship opportunities and work experience for their members.

Action #7

Expansion of the Aboriginal Trust Management System (ATMS) client base.


1. With the Aboriginal Trust Management System (ATMS), illuminance will continue to work closely with various organisations on many different levels. By doing so, illuminance team members will continue to learn about Indigenous culture and its peoples which will result in a deeper understanding. With this learning, we will be better equipped to provide improved services and solutions, taking cultural sensitivities into consideration but also reducing the imposed gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

illuminance have developed trusted and fruitful relationships with several trusts and organisations since the launch of ATMS, including:

· Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation
· Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation
· Robe River Kuruma Aboriginal Corporation
· Njamal People’s Trust

illuminance Solutions’ RAP Working Group

Nilesh Makwana

Helene Rodari

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